To send coins use the chat command "/send [steam64id] [amount]".

For example, to send 500 coins to steam64id 76561198210260209 you´d type "/send 76561198210260209 500".

Alternatively right click the person´s avatar in chat and select "Send coins".

To find your steam64id you can use sites like

How do I get more coins? Can I have free coins?

Coins are obtained by depositing CS:GO skins. If you´ve used up the free 500 coins you´ll need to make a deposit to get more.

DO NOT contact support asking for coins.

How do I generate a referral code?

To generate your own referral code please visit the affiliates page located here.

I accepted the trade offer but never got coins!?

After accepting the trade offer you must click the green "Get Coins" button to receive coins.

Trade is not available but the bot took my coins!?

If your withdraw request is canceled, declined, or the items become "no longer available" simply hit the green "Complete" or "Refund Coins" button and the bots will automatically refund all coins.

"There was an error sending your trade offer. Please try again later. (XX)"

These errors come from Steam and typically indicate an issue with the player, not the bots. They may also be caused by Steam servers being down.

Ensure your account is able to trade and the item you´re trading is not trade banned.

If you´re receiving (26) when attempting to deposit this typically indicates your inventory is out of date. Hit "force reload" to refresh your inventory and try again.

If you´re receiving (15) when attempting to deposit this may indicate the bot you were matched with has a full inventory - try again and you should be matched with a new bot.